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The AXMR Center

Center for Medical/Dental Reality with Digital Twin x AI/XR

The Department of Dentistry, Korea University College of Medicine, established the AXMR Center to provide better benefits to patients.
AXMR Center is conducting research for safer and more accurate treatment by developing and applying AI/XR technology to the dental/medical field.

The AXMR Center develops an ultra-realistic dental AI/XR education and training system and content that medical staff and students can feel and experience in real life. It can be used in a wide range of fields from basic dental checkups to dental implant surgery that requires patient response and safety/accuracy.



dental radiologic  ai

This study was conducted in collaboration with Vuno Inc. to develop an algorithm for automatically detecting, classifying, and segmenting diseases in a dental panorama. 

In this study, a deep learning-based method for developing an automated diagnostic support system that detects periodontal bone loss in the panoramic dental radiographs is proposed. The presented method called DeNTNet not only detects lesions but also provides the corresponding teeth numbers of the lesion according to dental federation notation. DeNTNet applies deep convolutional neural networks(CNNs) using transfer learning and clinical prior knowledge to overcome the morphological variation of the lesions and imbalanced training dataset.

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