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about us


Our mission is to research the world's leading cutting-edge medical technology

The AXMR Center, Department of Dentistry, Korea University College of Medicine, realizes the frontier spirit that leads the world by fusing various cutting-edge academic fields with dentistry and medicine.



   Our goal is to​...

  • achieve top 5 research achievements in domestic dental and medical AI/XR/Robotic fields by 2030

  • establish a company in Korea and enter the overseas market


  1. lead domestic and international cooperation

  2. contribute to international standardization by applying cutting-edge technology to dentistry and medicine

  3. contribute to policy and research fields as an opinion leader in dental and medical fields


Due to the impact of COVID-19, the non-contact lifestyle has spread throughout society.

The introduction of non-contact technology is also necessary in the field of dental care.

The AXMR Center develops an ultra-realistic dental AI/XR education and training system and content that medical staff and students can feel and experience in real life.

It can be used in a wide range of fields from basic dental checkups to dental implant surgery that requires patient response and safety/accuracy.

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